Mars Direct Sale!

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For the last 4 months, the planet Mars has been “retrograde”. From the astrological perspective, a planet is retrograde when it appears to move backward from it’s normal orbit when viewed from earth. When a planet is retrograde, the way that planet affects everyone is reversed.

Just as the moon affects people’s moods, the tides, and much more, Mars affects people’s energy, action, and desire. When Mars is in retrograde, we all feel less energetic than usual. Our desires don’t seem as important and we get a little more passive than usual. (more…)

How to Make a Handblown Glass Mushroom Pendant

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Customers often ask me how I get the mushroom inside of the glass drop pendant. It’s a little tricky to explain without visual cues so I made a video showing the entire process. I basically heat up a “gather” of molten glass on the end of a 12mm borolisicate glass rod. Then I take a thinner “point” of glass that I pulled earlier and push it into the molten gather of glass. When the tip of the point of glass hits the cooler glass towards the top of the gather, it mushrooms back down into the hotter glass.