Mars Direct Sale!

Posted by on Apr 16, 2012

For the last 4 months, the planet Mars has been “retrograde”. From the astrological perspective, a planet is retrograde when it appears to move backward from it’s normal orbit when viewed from earth. When a planet is retrograde, the way that planet affects everyone is reversed.

Just as the moon affects people’s moods, the tides, and much more, Mars affects people’s energy, action, and desire. When Mars is in retrograde, we all feel less energetic than usual. Our desires don’t seem as important and we get a little more passive than usual.

AstroBarry gives a far more thorough discussion of this past Mars retrograde.

On Friday, April 13, Mars went “direct”, meaning that it again appears to be moving forward when viewed from the earth. This shift back to direct motion means a big increase in our energy, action and desire that this planets affects.

To celebrate this energetic shift,  I’m discounting everything on Solstice Glass by 20% for the next week!

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy all the extra energy this Spring!