Green Shipping

Solstice Glass is committed to doing business in as earth-friendly a way as possible and I know many of my customers are too. In order to reduce the environmental impact of my business, I’ve put together a system of packaging that is 100% recyclable.


Recyclable Bubble Mailers

Most orders are shipped in Kraft or Poly Bubble Mailers which are completely recyclable.


Bio-Bubble Wrap

Bio-Bubble wrap is a unique, eco-friendly bubble wrap that will quickly biodegrade when disposed of in a landfill. Once the Bio-Bubble wrap decomposes, the only elements left are small amounts of CO2, H2O and a sprinkling of biomass that microbes in the soil will eat and process into organic material. Bio-Bubble is non-toxic and will not harm plants, animals or humans.

When orders require extra packing fill, the empty spaces in the box are filled with recycled foam peanuts.


No Extra Packaging

You’re probably used to getting packages in the mail filled with paper receipts, catalogs, flyers, inserts, tissue paper, etc. When your Solstice Glass order arrives, you’ll find only your order and a business card…nothing extra to toss in the trash. For the small number of customers who need a paper receipt, your order confirmation email may be printed on your home printer.


Thanks For Recycling

Since 100% of the packaging is recyclable, you can simply unwrap your glass art and recyle everything else.  It couldn’t be easier.


To learn more about shipping, please visit my shipping info page.