Secure Ordering

You can order from with confidence, knowing that all your personal information is secure. All orders are processed with top security and encryption through Paypal’s secure server and no credit card information is ever accessible to or stored by


Why Paypal?

The problem with most online payment processors is that they are only as secure as the website you are shopping on. Every transaction passes your credit card details and personal information from the website you’re shopping on to their payment processor. Some go a step further and store your credit card details on their server.

Solstice Glass avoids these potentially insecure situations by sending your order directly to Paypal before you enter any personal information. None of your information is ever entered or stored on the website and I don’t have access to any of your personal information but your name and address. Instead, you will enter this sensitive information directly on Paypal’s world class secure server.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that there is no more secure way to order online. However, if you still wish to pay by check or money order, please contact me to place your order.